By Dorota Kozinska

This is the fourth edition of Mixed Grill, and it is taking place in the gallery's new space on St. Lawrence Boulevard. Formerly housed in the so-called Belgo building, teeming with contemporary galleries, it now occupies a much larger, light-infused space.

A perfect backdrop for this dizzying variety of visual expression. These artists, most of them ex-pat Montrealers, have now made their home outside this city, in places like Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, New York, or Baie Verte, NB... so the exhibition is a kind of virtual reunion across space and time.

What they share is a tendency towards abstraction, the outsider art. Art Brut, and what is called lowbrow art - a movement that began in the LA, California area in the late 1970s, at times also referred to as pop surrealism. Lowbrow artwork is usually expressed in painting, but also toys, digital art and sculpture.

All this eclectic expression on display can be at first confusing but also, from the moment of stepping into the gallery, instantly exciting.
The artists themselves are as diverse as their work: Russian-born Vitaly Medvedovsky, graduate in fine arts from Concordia University, melds elements of history, time and memory into his dense, abstract compositions. With numerous exhibitions under his belt, he lives and works in Berlin.

Graffiti is Miss Teri's domain, and her mission is to beautify the streets of Montreal. Her murals have a feel of Rococo art, and she describes her style as expressive, juicy and feminine.
As for Marc-Antoine Nadeau, born in Montreal in 1943, he is best known for his watercolours, and his affection for naval themes.

This is but a sample. Mixed Grill IV is, indeed, a visual feast for everyone.

Mixed Grill IV
Galerie Robert Poulin
6341 Boul St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
From July 26 to September 10, 2016


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Artists at this event:

Nathan Bartley, Richard Beaulieu, Caroline Boileau, Jason Botkin, Guy Boutin, Étienne Chartrand, Romulo Cesar (Vancouver), Jean-Sébastien Denis, Daniel Erban, Adam Gunn, Scott Harber (Toronto), Jacinthe Loranger, Sylvain Martel, Vitaly Medvedovsky (Berlin), Miss Teri, Nadia Moss (Toronto), Marc-Antoine Nadeau (Québec), Jian Bing Nie, Osvaldo Ramirez-Castillo (Vancouver), Jim Sanders (Brighton,UK), Harley Smart, The Slomotion (Winnipeg), Anna Torma (Baie Verte, NB), Trio Magnus (Toronto), Henriette Valium, Adrian Williams (Berlin), Balint Zsako (New York), Murana Zuger (New York).

Jean-Sébastien Denis, Embranchement #24 (2004) Mixed media on canvas (97cm x 137cm)
Adrian Williams, Sans titre #01 (2013) Mixed media on paper (70cm x 100cm)
Adrian Williams, Dear Prester John (2014) Mixed media on paper (70cm x 100cm)
Sylvain Martel, Sans titre #01 (2013) Technique mixte sur papier (76cm x 56cm)
Miss Teri, In the Acid Room (2014) Oil on canvas (152cm x 122cm)
Marc-Antoine Nadeau, Hachimaki (2013) Watercolour on paper (31cm x 44cm)
Vitaly Medvedovsky, Rower (2015) Oil on canvas (170cm x 140cm)