By Dorota Kozinska

The gallery is open again, in a different venue but fuelled by the same passion, that of its eponymous owner. The latest exhibition this time is focusing on ceramists, and in particular, the work of three Canadian masters.

Montreal artist, Jean-Pierre Larocque, has been showing his works throughout the US and Canada, with forays into Europe and Asia. His sculptures - houses, horses, human heads - are striking not only because of their existential and instantly accessible component but also his unusual handling of the material.

As for Steven Heinemann (RCA), it is first and foremost the medium that governs his visual expression.

Partly abstract, partly organic, his works are tactile and intriguing. Since his first solo exhibition at the Ontario Crafts Council in 1982, he has been showing across Canada, Europe and the US.

Steven Heinemann - let’sgoawayforawhile
Ceramic, multiple firings, steel, 97 x 47 x 32 cm
Steven Heinemann - radarlove
Ceramic, multiple firings, 34 x 9 x 100 cm
Steven Heinemann - Molt
Ceramic, multiple firings, 71 x 27 x 18 cm
Jean-Pierre Larocque - Petit cheval
Handbuilt clay with glazes, 30 x 33 x 10cm

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Susan Collett takes the medium of ceramics to a new level. Colour and shape play an important role in her oeuvre; and it's easy to see why Toronto art critic Gary Michael Dault describes them as 'scintillating'.

A printmaker as well as a ceramist, she pushes the boundaries of the medium 'to the edge of collapse', to use her own words. Graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art, Collett lives and works in Toronto.

This exhibition should and will dispel any preconceived notion about this versatile medium.
Galerie Elena Lee(lien externe)
Les maîtres céramistes/Master Ceramists
Susan Collett - Steven Heinemann - Jean-Pierre Larocque
Complexe du Canal Lachine
4710 St. Ambroise #127
Montreal, QC
October 13 to November 12, 2016                                          

Place Saint-Henri->

Jean-Pierre Larocque - Tête #1
Handbuilt clay with glazes, 22 x 18 x 15 cm
Jean-Pierre Larocque - Tête #2
Handbuilt clay with glazes, 32.5 x 20 x 13 cm
Susan Collett - Rhizome I and Rhizome II
1. Paper, clay, slips, oxides, glaze, multi-fired, 43 x 30 x 28 cm
2. Paper, clay, slips, oxides, glaze, multi-fired, 35 x 33 x 30 cm