By Dorota Kozinska

There is a wonderful saying in Quebecois vernacular, "avoir du chien". If you've "got dog" means you are determined and tough. Corno personified this idiom, with a larger-than-life personality and indomitable spirit and dedication to her craft.
Graduate in fine arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, she at first had a hard time exhibiting her works. To say that they were "in your face" may be an understatement. Unbelievably bold, both in terms of gesture and colour, her paintings focused on the human body; sexy, muscular, contorted nudes, bodies that danced and swayed across the canvas. She also painted giant faces with pouting red lips and dishevelled, flowing hair that seemed to form its own visual landscape in series of diptychs and triptychs.
The gallery that finally recognized her original talent was Galerie Clarence Gagnon, but Corno soon found Montreal too small for her need for exposure and stimuli. With dozens of collectors already following her career, she moved to New York. She spoke no English, but that did not deter her from finding a gallery and launching herself in a massive way.
Impulsive and impetuous, she "lived in the moment, at 100 miles per hour". She painted non-stop, sacrificing family and home for her art. In a 2013 documentary, Corno, by Guy Édoin, she tears up when speaking of the loneliness. "When you paint (long pause) you are alone. I don't know why I chose this profession. It's not easy. It's never easy."
Hers was a unique voice, one we will not hear again...

Corno Studio(lien externe)

AKA Gallery - Corno(lien externe)

Corno(lien externe), a 79 min. documentary in french.