VdA: What is your background and current role?

DH: I initially worked at Coachhouse Press, learnt Photoshop, spending time in a darkroom as a photographer. I also have a degree in painting. I taught Photoshop at OCAD and Sheridan before
University of Toronto where I teach digital courses.

VdA: What is the role of digital art education for students?

DH: Corporate interests pay for institutional infrastructure through grants, tuitions and commercial sponsorship. Sheridan is a prime example of that. There is so much corporate money going in that they don’t even talk about the art world, they talk about the industry. It has to do with supplying workers for the communications industry, journalism, advertising, fi lmmaking, animation and so forth. The colleges have a mandate to turn out students who can go from a twoyear program into the image production industry and get a job. Universities want to produce thinkers.