The artistry involved in creating art books requires both the love of words as well as a talent for visual expression. Montreal multi-media artist Joyce Ryckman has found a niche in this exciting milieu, and her contribution to the exhibition is a visual, poetic and tactile work of art incorporating verse, photography and bookbinding into one coherent piece.

Imbued with her lyrical, at times profoundly personal aesthetic, The Scent of Leaves in Summer is an elongated, horizontal album in elegant black that, resting on its organic spine like a cradle when opened, reveals a vista at once visual and literary. Composed of - some of the techniques will require further explanation - single sheets, folded pages, stab binding, tue-mouche binding and digitally printed on Arches paper, the book is sewn with linen thread transforming it into a unique kind of manuscript. The pictures by emerging photographer Jessica Blair that illustrate it are nuanced and resonate with Ryckman's subtle poetry.
The book unfolds almost like an origami, revealing stanzas invoking images that speak of the artist's personal journey:

we talked
between breaths in concentric circles

she said
in winter I don’t think of snow falling

I remember
the scent of leaves in summer

The Scent of Leaves in Summer
Editor: Joyce Ryckman, Montreal, 2016
Number 5

Illustrator: Jessica Blair, photography
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April 19 to June 4, 2017

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