The brainchild of Carolina Echeverria and Agata Kozanecka, it has been open barely a couple of months and is already bustling with activity. Echeverria is herself a multi media artist, a powerful painter and an organizational dynamo. This is not her first foray into gallery business; she was the owner of Art Depot gallery whose run was ended abruptly by fire. Born in Chile, she chose the name of the gallery, Métèque - French for stranger, someone outside of a political system - to draw attention to the question of immigration and inclusion. As an immigrant herself, she is acutely aware of the struggles that often accompany settling in a new land. Her kind of inclusiveness extends to the First Nations people, whom she has involved in several of her many projects.
The first step in this venture was finding a partner to share in her vision, and Agata Kozanecka was the ideal person. A long-time collaborator on the Native Immigrant project and a community activist, she accepted the challenge, and together they sought out a venue for the gallery. Their choice of a rather "soulless" corner of Côte Saint Luc Road and Girouard Avenue proved not only audacious but also fortuitous. This is a hugely diverse neighbourhood, with people from all corners of the world living together. Since the day Métèque opened its doors, there has been a steady flow of those curious and excited to have a cultural spot they can call their own. Artists pop in looking to show their works, hands-on workshops draw both the young and the adults while Echeverria's ongoing Native Immigrant series exhibited in the gallery's wall-spanning frontwindow intrigues the passers-by. Echeverria and Kozanecka collaborate actively on ways of bridging different nations and cultures in a manner of a grassroots organization, offering a welcome forum for both discussion and presentation of diverse ideas. A gallery and an arts centre,Métèque is a place where anyone can try their skills, fromwatercolours and collage to beadwork, creative writing or the Mohawk language.

Carolina Echeverria, Bilingualism - (Inspired by Norval Morrisseau and Brigada Ramona Parra) (24 x 60 in)

Carolina Echeverria, Cultural Exchange - Renaissance Beauty (60 x 40 in)

Carolina Echeverria, Hope (60 x 60 in)

Carolina & Agata

Métèque, vitrine


Métèque Atelier d'art & Gallery
5442 Côte Saint Luc Road
Montreal, QC
Carolina Echeverria (514) 928-8906
Agata Kozanecka (514) 963 9044