Operating two spaces, its director and owner Luz Zapata is showcasing the work of Ottawa-based Krasi Dimtch in Gallery 1. Born in Bulgaria, with a master's degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, she is a multimedia artist creating digital, conceptual and sound art with encoded linguistic content, exploring the structure of language as a 'repository of ideas'. Her solo presentation, titled Every letter is a sound...every word is an image, encapsulates that concept. Her language-based artwork can be read, heard, or looked at; all, in different ways, representing the "linguistic contents of hopes, fears, and disbeliefs about art, death, and the meaning of life", to quote the artist. Fascinating stuff.

In the second gallery space, four Montreal artists are showing their works, their images conversing across the small room. Camille Tellier is an emerging photographer and graduate of the Marsan College. Her images have an instantly recognizable urban feel. It corresponds well with Sacha Marie Levay's contribution, both images focusing on graphic composition devoid of human presence. Levay works as a frame conservator and gilder and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Josée Charbonneau adds a touch of colour to her otherwise monochromatic photograph. A printmaker with Atelier Circulaire, she is an accomplished artist with numerous exhibitions under her belt. Benoit Robert works and teaches in the field of special effects for the cinema and his image is both abstract and surreal, and its title – Chicoreus quod Helianthus – does little to decipher the enigma. Enjoy the explosive composition for its visual impact.


Galerie LUZ

372 St. Catherine St W
Room 418
Montreal, QC
www.galerieluz.com(lien externe)
August 30 to September 16, 2017

KrasiDimtch, Every letter is a sound...every word is an image

Josée Charbonneau
Sacha Marie Levay
Benoit Robert
Camille Tellier


KrasiDimtch, Alien aseity calculates the numerical significance of art, 2017,
Digital print on acrylic plexiglass, Edition 1/1 (unique), 30"x30".

KrasiDimtch , Alien presence lowers the exchange value of poetry, 2017
Digital print on acrylic plexiglass, Edition 1/1 (unique), 30"x30"

Josée Charboneau, L'âme bleue 2017, 21.5" x 15"

Camille Tellier, La vague 2015, 24'' x 16

Sacha Marie Levay, Jonctions communicantes, 2017, 16x16

Benoit Robert, Chicoreus quod Helianthus, 2017, Digital print, 48" x 18"