In an exhibition of her recent works, Battat Contemporary gallery is showcasing a selection of paintings and works on paper done in the past year, with the assistance of painter Paul Hardy, whose wonderful essay accompanies the exhibition (see excerpt below). The title of the show, Hexe, is taken from the German word Wagschal's mother called her - the cursed one - and it was the artist's choice to use it for her exhibition.
Hardy's text is his conversation with the artist, and with himself as he absorbs the atmosphere of her studio, and the impact of her works.
"(...) Your practice continues to surprise, and this exhibition – your first showing of all new works in many years – is no exception. They retain what we know and love: rich tapestries, dense with stories and symbols that carry forth both the history of painting and your own mythology, at once whimsical and uncompromising in their honesty. But there is also something different; there is a space, a greater intimacy, and a sense of acceptance in these new pieces. Now I am the one up at night, thinking about your painting. I am thinking about the painting you made of your mother’s soap. It pummels me in that most beautiful of ways. It is a picture of loss and of coming to terms – an enduring, poetic resistance."

Battat Contemporary
7245 Alexandra
Suite 100
Montreal, QC externe)

September 14 - November 30, 2017