Graduate of Sheridan College, Todd represents a style challenging to define, simply because of its complexity, to engage in a paradox for there is nothing simple about his medium and narrative. His paintings are composed of layers upon layers, a mixture of collage and alcohol transfers, wood block cuts and screen-printing.

The time consuming process of layering all the various mediums coupled with so-called distressing techniques, produces an unexpected raw kind of beauty amid the visual chaos.

Frames cannot hold what erupts from his imaginations, there are no borders on his works; they are giant, wonderful blotches of pure expression. From tattoo graphics to Asian art, Todd's influences are myriad and diverse, all coagulating, melding into almost 3D works of art. At times they resemble tribal masks, until one comes closer to discover an entire universe of symbolism woven into the tight, dense composition. Todd's palette has no bounds as it oscillates between turquoise and magenta, black and flaming red. Faces appear and disappear and it is hard to pull away from these multi-dimensional, in every sense, artworks.There is a touch of the wild in Todd's frenetic universe, something beyond, a cry from a dark corner of the soul. A distant calling.

The title of his latest solo exhibition at the always-exciting and still inchoate Matthew Namur Gallery is so à propos, for there is no denying the ghosts that hover in all our psyches. Yet exposed by Todd's irreverent and bold visual confrontation, they are transfigured into a plastic entity wielding its own impressive power.

Fear not, art is here!

Jon Todd : Flanked by ghosts

Matthew Namour Gallery
217 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Montréal, QC
October 19th— November 19th 2017

1 – The Patterned Woman
22” x 15”, Mixed media on paper

2 – Flanked by Ghosts 2017
Mixed media on panel, 18” x 24” x 2”

3 – The Hooligan
18 x 24", Mixed media on paper