Writing about Julie Oakes is quite a challenge, for she is truly a multi-media artist, and one of her diverse creative talents is... writing. She is in fact a regular and much appreciated contributor to Vie des Arts reviews. She is also a highly educated woman with a Masters Degree in Cultural Theory from New School University, NY, and a Masters Degree, Art and Art Professions from New York University, NY, in addition to numerous courses and workshops from computer graphics and teaching, to Tibetan History and Thanka painting.
With so much cultural and artistic baggage, Oakes oeuvre is complex and profoundly narrative.

Her latest exhibition, Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars, showcases new works created while traveling in Europe, Russia and New York. The Lunar Cycle, at the heart of the exhibition, is a series of 28 gouache works on paper framed in pairs that look at the lunar cycle as understood in Eastern philosophies. The work was done during a two-month residency in China in 2014, and tells a magical tale... (See Julie's description below). While in Poland earlier this year, she participated in a couple of women's marches, both seeking equality for women; issues she also encountered in Russia.

Her works are imbued with the mystical and the feminine, with symbolism and myth. Julie draws and paints like a fiend, her line is fluid, unencumbered, the choice of palette daring, and in these series of works, particularly powerful, with multi-coloured images placed against ebony black background.

(The Lunar Cycle tells the story of a woman who was banished to the moon where she found a rabbit that she took under her care. The rabbit was being literally ‘dogged’, bitten by a dog that badgered the rabbit. The woman would nurse the rabbit back to wholeness but the cycle would begin again as the dogs, attracted by the full, shining and healthy rabbit nipped. Hence, the moon waxed and waned under the surveillant female’s care.)


Julie Oakes

Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars

6700 Old Kamloops Road
Vernon, BC
www.headbonesgallery.com(lien externe)
November 2, 2017 to January 7. 2018

Walking the Dog, NYC, 2017,
gouache on paper, 30 x 22 in

Lunar Cycle # 15, 2014,
gouache on paper, 30 x22in

Julie Oakes with Wren Winkler: Woolfie in a Dress, 2017
Oil on Canvas, 72 x 48 in