50 years of disseminating art

By Dorota Kozinska

L'artothéque, or the Stewart Hall Art Rental and Sales Service is one of those best-kept secrets many do not know about. We are talking about 50 years of disseminating art, and the anniversary is not going by un-noticed.

To highlight the occasion, an exhibition of the 2018 collection is on display at the Stewart Hall art gallery, and it includes 150 artworks by 150 artists. The group is broken into 50 ambassadors (artists that have made a mark wither through their recognition in the artistic community, their sales and/or rental records or by virtue of the numerous times they have been accepted in the collection), 50 established artists (those who are either new to the collection or have been accepted previously), and 50 emerging artists (those who have never before submitted to the collection and have less than 10 years of experience).

The service's mandate in a nutshell.

It all began in 1964, with countrywide research into similar endeavours, contacts with institutions like the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Edmonton Art Gallery and the Albright Knox Gallery. By the time Canada's Centennial celebrations were underway, the foundation for the art rental service has been laid. The rest is history, but one worth reviving, especially the name of Ruth Auersperg, an original member of the Stewart Hall policy and planning Board, responsible for the task of curating the first collection. Known at the time by her pen name, Rea Montbizon (under which she held the position of editor at the Montreal Gazette, and as an art critic for Vie des Arts magazine) she created the first selection, choosing some 100 works from original prints, paintings, and sculptures by Canadian artists.
The first exhibition took place at the gallery in 1967.

This year's anniversary presentation is awe-inspiring, just by the sheer number of works on display. Indulge!

The Art That Inhabits Us

50 years of the art rental and sales service

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Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire, QC
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28 October - 3 December 2017

Diane Jutras, Filet ed. Var. 2/6, 2016

Linda Creasey Brown, Overpass III, 2017