BETTY GOODWIN: To See the Blindness
Galerie Roger Bellemare
Galerie Christian Lambert
372, Sainte-Catherine W
Suites 501-502
Montréal, QC externe)

Exhibition catalogue: "Betty Goodwin: Une célébration"
Editions Galeries Bellemare Lambert, 2018
30 colour pages
8 1/2 x 10 3/4 / 21.6 x 27.3 cm
ISBN 978-2-9817281-0-4
Price: 20$

Photo credits: GuyLHeureux

Crushed Note, 1973
Mixed materials (steel, glass, ink and paper)
20 x 20 cm.
Signé et daté b.d.

Betty Goodwin (1923 - 2008) remains an iconic figure on the Montreal art scene to this day. Printmaker, sculptor, painter and installation artist, recipient of the Order of Canada (2003), she was as versatile as she was original. She used a variety of mediums, including collage and assemblage, creating 3-D works that were instantly recognizable as hers. Imbued with a profound understanding and compassion for the human condition, her art inspired equally profound reflection. An intimate exhibition of Goodwin's art just closed but what remained is a beautiful catalogue produced for the occasion, extending, as it were, the joy of viewing her works ad infinitum.

The exhibition at the tandem galleries of Roger Bellemare and Christian Lambert was titled To See the Blindness, an esoteric invitation to appreciate, and understand, Goodwin's poignant pieces. The accompanying catalogue opens with a quote by the French poet and surrealist, Paul Éluard: Main dominée par le cœur/ Cœur dominé par le lion/ Lion dominé par l’oiseau; beautifully encapsulating Goodwin'sartistic approach. It is filled with pages and pages of wonderful art, with nary a text, except for a short introduction by Bellemare, thus providing an undiluted pleasure of browsing through the images. Definitely worth the price!

The Weight of Memory VI, 1998
Oil pastel, graphite on Mylar transparent paper, steel, glass, stones
20.5 x 24 x 10 cm.

Sans titre, 1998-1999
Mixed media on géofilm paper
158 x 169 cm