look over look, 2017–18, Comox Valley Art Gallery, British Columbia, Photo: Ed Brooks


« Cynthia Minden’s first discipline was music, and her earlier studies in this field continue to shape the tone of her work. Lyrical movements, rhythms, harmonies, musical phrasing, and cadences resonate throughout her visual art.. She describes the creation of her current show at Denman Island Summer Gallery as conceiving a lexicon or syntax for her environmental art: “I am building a library of artefacts drawn from the landscape, an intermingling of nature and humanity gathered from the margins of wetlands, forest floor and foreshore, intertwined with cast off findings from human civilization. By pairing bone with porcelain, nail with knife and vine, I am looking for multiple meanings, layers of interpretation and a framework for thinking about the relationship between art, society and ecology.” »

(Suite de l'article dans la version imprimée de Vie des Arts, à la page 72.)