Yayoi Kusama
All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins, 2016

Billions of stars burst through the night sky, leaving trails of tantalizing reveries for us to imagine, who we are and where we might come from. Yayoi Kusama, an extraordinary and venerated Japanese artist, is celebrated in this traveling exhibition, Infinity Mirrors, in which the Infinity Rooms, with their mirrored interiors, evoke cosmic space and place the observer within this vast matrix.

We are eternally curious about reality, which teases us with “fabrications” about space and time. We talk about identity: subjects and objects situated in time. The late Stephen Hawking’s final paper has just been released and it attempts to comprehend the universe as multiverse. The Big Bang was followed by inflationary expansion, which may still be continuing, producing an infinite number of pocket universes, including ours. Hawking’s paper considers the problem from the junction of quantum theory and gravity and suggests that the behaviour of these different universes may actually be very similar to our own.

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