Dave Gordon
Acorn Theory, 2009-2017

There are artworks you see and enjoy and then walk away from and forget. And there are artworks you assume you’ve forgotten but which, sometime later (days, months), will not be shaken from their ever-tightening toeholds in your sensibility and you start thinking about them all over again.

You want to see them one more time. And, in the case of Acorn Theory, a painting-installation by Kingston-based artist Dave Gordon, you go so far as to make an appointment and drive to his studio for a second encounter.

I first saw Acorn Theory in a small but potent exhibition Gordon mounted in the autumn of 2017 at Kingston’s Verb Gallery. The show was called A Time for Everything: New and Selected Works. It was a richly heterodox show (as its title forewarned), its various works jangled together with an almost gleeful disregard for the sobriety of strict chronological or thematic development.

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