Sean Caufield
Signal Fire, 2016

A gallery, cloistered and more precise than messy worldliness, is a step removed from the hustling and bustling urban surround. Within this insulated, focused space the work can inspire another stillness. Sean Caulfield’s Active Workings does this dramatically by flipping convention upside down so that we are suspended by the toes on the barely perceptible trapeze of existence. Caulfield casts an indelible spell that settles on the shoulders with the softness of a fishing net floating downwards, a pleasant feeling but it catches none-the-less.

Simplicity underscores the installation Dead Weight. Each of the materials, paper and wood, have been allowed an individual life and dressed to advantage. Wood blocks, usually used as a secondary partner, a tool for printmaking and overshadowed by the glory of the paper print destined to be born from the impression of markings upon the paper’s surface, form a floor and wall that by proportion and placement suggest an altar. The block whose time on the stage is usually only a reflection has come into its own being and now breathes with the subservient tie to paper now broken. The intrinsic beauty of the material overrides purpose while the carving into the wood appears to ripple as gouged waves snake and writhe as if rushing from a source to metaphorically suggest a route from and to other levels, this time of the consciousness. On the carved wood wall a tree drops leaves with great weeping splashes while vaporous air spaces balloon from its core.

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