Untitled (Black Empire Suite), 2015
Crayon and charcoal on paper
Left and right: 159 x 220 x 5 cm
Centre: 220 x 159 x 5 cm

Untitled (Black Power Stamps), 1998
Medium density fiberboard, offset plate,
enamel paint, 5 relief prints
Stamp: 152 x 102 x 76 cm
Print: 84 x 121 cm
Pad: 122 x 76 x 5 cm

During his artist talk at the University of British Columbia, Kerry James Marshall said that although he grew up knowing that he had a gift for making things, it was not his African American identity that first drove him forward but the study of art. He loved to visit museums and was especially drawn to the historical depictions of social and political events, although there was a noticeably inadequate representation of black persons.

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