Graeme Patterson
Secret Citadel (animation still 1), 2013
Multimedia installation

When I was asked to write a profile of artist Graeme Patterson, I said sure, that would not be a problem. I found him that same day at a BBQ at the artists run gallery Struts in Sackville and asked him if he would mind sitting down and talking to me about his life and art. We both live in Sackville, New Brunswick, a small maritime university town, where it is difficult to avoid people even if you try. I don’t try to avoid Graeme as we are always at the same coffee shops and bars and we both like to talk about art. Actually, I reviewed
his exhibition, Secret Citadel, then at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, for this magazine in 2014. I was very impressed with the exhibition and really wanted to find out more about what he was doing now.

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