André Du Bois’s Les Attracteurs – parcours interactif involves a radical realignment of what public art is or can be. The sculptures that form part of the ensemble are enigmatic, prescient, and have the insignia of an artist whose engagement with nature is the point of departure for a dialogue on culture. The interactive nature– culture flow inherent to Les Attracteurs is something new in the discourse on public art, an emerging connective aesthetic that is increasingly perceived as essential in the urban context, for humans are so often estranged from nature. Les Attracteurs is not object-based “plop art” dropped into a place as a series of 3D visual markers that have no reference to site or context. Instead, Du Bois’s public art displays the same inherent sense of the fragility of life as do his wood assemblage sculptures. There is a sublime collaging of symbols, nature, sound, and space in these works.

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