Karin Jones, (body of work) (2018)
Installation view In foreground: Untitled (2018)
Steel, human hair, brass, used horse tack leather. W 61 cm, H 122 cm, D 30.5 cm.
Photo: Katarina Marinic

“Despite material breakthroughs, hierarchies persist in Canadian art. Textiles and crafts are slowly being welcomed under the umbrella, and jewellery is joining them. In the gendering of applied arts as “women’s work,” their potential to visualize narratives emerged with artists such as Faith Ringgold and Louise Bourgeois. Yinka Shinobare and Lorna Simpson established key precedents in the interplay among identity, culture, and historical memory, but Canadian art scholars should consider similar developments with jewellery, which can also activate the potential to uncover and centre histories of slavery in Canada.”

(Read the full article in Vie des Arts's last issue, on page 13.)