Installation view of ''Gwenessa Lam and Hyung-min Yoon:
Trace'', exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen (2020)
Front: Black Book (2019)
Photo of Rachel Topham Photography

“A single inverted character glows within a dark room, reflecting its meaning in a circular pool below. A droplet falling periodically disrupts the water’s mirrored surface and legibility before it returns to clarity. This trans-lingual character 明, meaning “brilliant” and “tomorrow,” is an ideogram combining the characters 日 “sun” and 月 “moon” in a writing system made to visually resemble forms of the natural world, rather than being phonetic. Its origins date back to an oracle bone script in China invented some three thousand years ago, whose traces are still found in contemporary language.”

(Read the full article in Vie des Arts's last issue, on page 31.)