« The title of this year’s Manif d’art, taken from Leonard Cohen’s song “Stories of the Street,” expresses so much so simply: this wonderful Quebec City art event is a beacon that shines in the night—and in the light of day, too. The forty artists in the biennial, curated by Jonathan Watkins of Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, offer a reconnection to the tangible, physical source and medium of nature. Indigenous non-Western cultures, local geo-specific cultures, and post-colonial urban cultures – all are included in this colourful mix of intercultural global art. »

(Suite de l'article dans la version imprimée de Vie des Arts, à la page 14.)

Photo : Krištof Kintera, Systemus Postnaturalis, 2016-2017
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Manif d’art 9
Crédit : Idra Labrie