Anna Torma, Permanent Danger 2 (2019)
Hand embroidery and appliqué on linen. Installation shot, Fairy Tails, Owens Art Gallery
Photo: Roger Smith

Fairy Tails, an exhibition that shows multiple and new levels of familiar stories, is bound to please a wide audience.

The exhibition, curated by Mount Allison University fine arts professor Anne Koval, features nine artists—Amalie Atkins, Aganetha Dyck, Meryl McMaster, Sylvia Ptak, Vicky Sabourin, Diana Thorneycroft, Anna Torma, Laura Vickerson, and Janice Wright Cheney—who use a wide variety of media, including photography, film, appliqué, and found objects, to tell their stories. The works are beautiful and strangely soothing, although some also possess disturbing undercurrents that echo those in many classic fairy tales.”

(Read the full article in Vie des Arts's last issue, on page 80.)