« Because a painting is not an image, it asks things of us that Instagram does not. A painting is a physical object which you must face as if you were facing a human being, an embodied Other looked at with something like the vulnerable core of your being. And yet when you truly look at a painting, you are also alone with yourself. This double condition is one of the urgencies that painting offers our moment of the fragmented attention span. Leopold Plotek’s Throw Away the Lights, the Definitions, at Corkin Gallery gives a beautiful account of the potency of experience that contemporary painting can invoke. »

(Suite de l'article dans la version imprimée de Vie des Arts, à la page 73.)

Photo : Leopold Plotek, Sunday Morning, 2017
Oil on linen, 172 x 127 cm
Courtesy: Corkin Gallery

Leopold Plotek, The City’s Fiery Parcels All Undone, 1987
Oil on linen, 246 x 178 cm
Courtesy: Corkin Gallery