A terrific draughtsperson - her line work is simply superb, and strikingly contemporary - she also has a penchant for books, flip as well as art and literary. It's all there on her website, but is best experienced in person. She is at the moment showing her eclectic works at the Alain Piroir studio-gallery, in an exhibition titled Le ralenti énumère les possibles, at which she also launches her latest art book Search for Happiness. Oh yes, a series of 1001 collages will round up the selection. If it seems a lot, it is and it is not. A well-read and internationally cultivated artist, she leans towards the minimalist in her expression, leaving a lot of space, both literal and virtual for the viewer. Just as a sample of her original approach to art, here's some of what she had to say about her latest show: "If the object I am observing is relatively small, I may not observe it without disturbing it. Am I observing the object? (...) since our thoughts are invisible to the naked eye, how do they affect our relationship with reality in everyday life?" Verging on philosophical, Knight's intellectual questioning lead to original works in which she cuts up words and images, "and by the process of collage, let another possible meaning emerge." Even if one is not in search of meaning, art that reverberates with the quotidian and engages the viewer in a visual discourse, it worth a look...

Pascaline Knight
Le ralenti énumère les possibles.

The Alain Piroir studio-gallery
5333 Avenue Casgrain
Montreal, QC
www.piroir.com(lien externe)
www.pascaline.ca(lien externe)
http://pascaline.ca.(lien externe)

15 October - 23 November 2013

OFF-Biennal, Montreal, 2009