Museomix is an international and co-creative laboratory aimed at re-mixing museums around the world. The lab is heading to Montreal after the 2013 edition in Quebec City. This collaborative concept will take place simultaneously in seven cities worldwide: Arles (France), Derby (United Kingdom), Nantes (France), Lille (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Saint-Étienne (France) and Montreal.

The aim of Museomix is to conceive and prototype new experiences in numeric museology. This will take three days and assemble 72 participants from different sectors be it designers, developers, creators and of course museologists. In the context of redefining the role of the museum in our society, an existential question comes to the forefront: does technology enrich the relation between the visitor and the work of art, or rather perturb it? It will be fascinating to imagine what kind of responses this question will elicit. In the words of its organizers: "This encounter between the Museum and Museomix promises to be exciting, surprising and passionate!"

It is a perfect opportunity to involve the larger community to participate, and for the museum emploees it offers a chance to experiment with new ways of working in collaboration and to delve into the numeric culture. New ‘universes’ will be explored: web, culture, technology, hacking, makers, open source, etc., all put together to be experimented with within a social setting, with a stress on public interaction. Open to all who are curious, and creative.

November 7, 8 and 9, 2014

1380 Sherbrooke Street W
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