Dault is a well-known figure on the Toronto art scene, and beyond, and an artist in his own right. A tireless producer of artwork, he posts his images daily on his blog, Notes from Swan House. True to form, in the two Halifax exhibitions, Dault presents very different facets of his creative output.

In a wryly titled show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, I Used to Care, but Things Have Changed: New photographic Work by Gary Michael Dault, he offers 30 photographs of found images, significantly altered and manipulated to conform to his singular vision. Appropriation is the name of the game here - no artist can resist it, not even, or in particular, the great Picasso. Dault also uses pictures downloaded from EBay’s Antique Toys section, "objects now sufficiently orphaned in cultural time to be reread, therefore, as surrogates, as objective correlatives, or as equivalents to states of feeling and as intimations of new meaning."

As for the second exhibition, at Studio 21 art gallery, the inspiration came from a very different source - another artist. Barker Fairley (1887-1986) was an internationally respected scholar and teacher of German Literature at the University of Toronto. He was also an artist, close to the members of the Group of Seven with whom he often went on painting excursions. Dault got to know Fairley, and struck a fifteen-year friendship with the then already elderly painter. The exhibition, featuring Dault’s variations on a painting he received as a gift, Fairley’s Fields in August, 1975, is both an audacious move, and a self-effacing chapeau to a great landscape artist.

I Used to Care, but Things Have Changed: New photographic Work by Gary Michael Dault
June 30 – July 11, 2015

Anna Leonowens Gallery
1891 Granville Street, Halifax, NS
http://visualartsnews.ca/listings/anna-leonowens-gallery/(lien externe)


Four Seasoned Landscapes After Barker Fairley
June 26 - July 22, 2015

Studio 21
1273 Hollis St, Halifax, NS
www.studio21.ca(lien externe)

All Photographs: 12.7 x 17.78 cm
Blue Moon


Squeezy Doghorn

All Paintings: Acrylic on paper, 56.5 x 76.2 cm

Barker Fairley
Fields in August, 1975