With a talent honed in Europe, and reaching its full potential here, she has produced numerous series of prints and etchings, in addition to large format paintings, many appearing in public spaces. At one point deeply involved with the printmakers in Canada’s North, she spent time with the Inuit, teaching printing techniques, but also garnering a wealth of knowledge herself. A highly intellectual artist, Armata approaches her craft with profound respect for the medium, and for the notion of art.

The exhibition in Galerie d’Este’s white space is striking. Her black-and-white prints are elegantly hang, with lots of breathing room, and each image makes a statement. The works come from different periods in Armata’s prolific career, yet her touch is unmistakeable. Sensing fragility and pain but never succumbing to either, she focuses on the technique without sacrificing the emotional component. It is held tightly in check, however, and the darkness that is at the root of most of her work, is transformed into a visual language at once contemporary and timeless.

«I have always thought of the creative process as being like a chain of interconnected impacts, emotions, decisions, incisions. I try to avoid narration, to shut it down as much as possible. While working on my art, I feel like I am walking between dark and light. Each step I take in moving towards a final composition involves bringing or removing light. There are elements of time, space, density, and memory.»
- Ludmila Armata


September 3 - 27, 2015

Galerie d’Este
4396 St. Laurent Blvd
Monteal, QC








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