« While there are rare individuals who are fuelled by an insatiable thirst for a nobler truth, most of us are constantly are constantly pursuing things that have no real value, running after glitter, shadows and delusions. Running because we have no time in a senseless unending loop which in itself is a revelation of our existence. There is nothing more to be said. It is simplicity itself. »

« Mangiarotti’s work is strongly influenced by the theory of genetic epistemology of Jean Piaget that focuses on the dynamics of the construction of knowledge through physical actions. The structural elements of the game, rhythm and repetition define the scene in which will take place "the performance of image.»

Architect, designer, painter, photographer, actor, poet.... Mangiarotti wears myriad hats, his creative impulse seemingly inexhaustible. The Italian love-in started in November 2014, when his gallery took part in Photissima Art Fair in Torino and won the Photissima Art Prize, garnering tons of publicity. This past June, Mangiarotti invited three Montreal video artists to participate with him in an exhibition presented at Museo Civico del Torrione, di Forio, near Napels. Guest of Honour featured, in addition to Mangiarotti’s piece, the works of Audrey Maude McDuff, Mathieu Girard and Chelanie Beaudin-Quintin. The show was semi-interactive, as is most videographic work, requiring the viewer to sit or stand in front of screens, a silent participant in the very least. In the Guest of Honour presentation, the viewers are seated on couches while two large screens run sequences of images, from the mundane to the poetic, for each to decipher through their individual reaction.

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Guest of Honor
1999 - 2014
3 channels video
Vidéo de trois canaux (capture d’écran)
2 min 39 s / 2 min 39 s


Alessandro Mangiarotti “and his guests”