For the first time in Montreal, the echoes of that fascinating culture ring across the halls of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in an exhibition that features 220 archaeological artifacts, attesting to the spectacular achievements of the people of Pompeii and the neighbouring city of Herculaneum.

Pompeii is a truly eclectic presentation, combining documentary information with art, in an exhibition that is more didactic than purely artistic, but clearly impossible to miss.
It is organized in such a way, as to introduce the visitor to the daily goings on of that exciting, highly advanced city.

It showcases the citizens of Pompeii, their history, their zest for life and their delight in the sensual, as seen in works of art that include frescos, mosaics and statues in various materials - bronze, terra cotta and marble -, as well as luxurious accessories, silverware, everyday utensils, religious paraphernalia and so much more.

Most of the pieces come from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli and the Soprintendenza Pompei, that together with the Royal Ontario Museum and the MMFA are behind this exhibition.
It is broken into three themes: public life, private life, and the science behind the eruption.

Perhaps the most compelling experience when visiting this show is the multimedia presentation that immerses the viewer in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on that fateful day in 79 A.D.. It is a contemporary interpretation created by the Montreal firm, Graphics eMotion, depicting the various phases in the natural disaster that for nineteen hours unleashed its horror on the city.

A plethora of other activities surrounds Pompeii, all of which can be found on the museum's website:

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1380 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal, QC externe)

February 6 to September 5, 2016