Talk about a unique gallery space! Seven kilometres of art exhibitions featuring 63 works by 86 Canadian and international artists and collectives are on display. The access is free, the route marked by arrows placed on the ground.

Thirteen buildings are participating, from the Montreal Eaton Centre to Place de la Cité internationale-OACI to Place des Arts. Three circuits will be opened to festival participants, including the interactive route 'Point of view', presented by Ivanohé Cambridge and their properties.

This year's festival is running under the theme "Must art be appealing?", or in its French version, "L'art doit-il séduire?" Quite a philosophical question for such a 'pedestrian' extravaganza... Two Quebec curators are behind it, Anaïs Castro and Marie-Josée Rousseau, each with her unique vision and choice of artists.

An interesting aspect of this year's festival is the first time integration of artworks from private and public collection, such as the Collection Loto-Québec and Banque d'art du Conseil des Arts du Canada. Another new addition is a satellite route, which will allow the festival goers to extend their viewing pleasure by continuing their artistic explorations through ten Montreal galleries and cultural centres.

Guided tours, studio visits, workshops for the whole family, guided tours of private collections... all are part of this three weeks long visual arts festival, and there really is no excuse not to participate.

27 February to 20 March 2016 externe)
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Photo credits:

- Bevan Ramsey
- Mathieu Bernard Raymond
- Sarah Garzoni
- This year theme poster
- Frédéric Loury