Already well known for its integrated visual arts and engineering department, it now has a new institute for arts, culture and technology, aimed at fostering more interdisciplinary research.

Prompted by ever-evolving technology and an increasing need to re-define our relationship with it, the university launched Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology.

Intersecting art, design, culture and technology, the institute provides a forum for discussion and experimentation, as well as a platform for interdisciplinary training and 'progressive imagination.'

In the words of the institute's interim co-director, Bart Simon: “People are no longer simply consumers of new technologies; we can all be producers and innovators, thinkers and makers.”

Milieux is banking on the contribution of an international network of researchers, artists, graduate students and collaborators from the fields of arts and technology for its success.

One could almost bill the institute as a serious playground, where creativity reigns and advancing cultural innovation is the motor.
Milieux will occupy two floors of Concordia's Engineering, Computer and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (EV), featuring open studios and labs allowing for the flow of people, materials and ideas.

Myriad in fact, from such diverse areas as interactive textiles, indigenous futures, digital games, media history, performance and immersion, and critical disability studies.

More than 80 faculty members and 100 graduate students from the university's four faculties are part of this unique experiment.

The idea is to inspire ownership more than just creation of projects by connecting thinkers with makers, while giving both access to all the necessary tools and facilities.

Milieux is also home to two Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) partnership grants, three Canada Research Chairs, one Trudeau Fellow and six Concordia University Research Chairs.

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