There is an indisputable element of voyeurism in this exercise, and the publishers of Artists Living with Art picture book certainly banked on that.

Released by Abrams Books, the first company in the US to specialize in publishing art and illustrated books, founded in 1949, this is a truly delicious publication filled with information and the indispensable illustrations.

Written by Stacey Goergen and Amanda Benchley, with photographs by Oberto Giliberto Gili, it's a must on any art lover's coffee table.

The book offers fascinating bits of information about the contemporary artists featured in it, with interviews and anecdotes, and fabulous photographs that as always, speak for themselves.
The individuality of each artist comes through in their selections, as in the case of Chuck Close and his passion for Old Masters, or Joan Jonas collection of stones and rocks, while Will Cotton likes to display his own works alongside those by Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns.

And in endless drawers he keeps endless drawings by fellow artists. ("Drawing is so direct. It is a moment of thought. It is the structure of painting," he says in the book.)

Artists Living with Art is a multi-layered offering. It's as much about art and interiors, as it is, on a deeper level, about the polyvalence of artistic discourse.

By Stacey Goergen, and Amanda Benchley
Photographer Oberto Giliberto Gili
Published by Abrams Books, 2015, 272 pages, 200 colour photographs, hardcover, $60.00
ISBN: 1-4197-1782-0

• Feinstein & Currin
• Cindy Sherman in her studio
• Mickalena Thomas in her living room
• Rachel Feinstein and John Currin