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From Sunday Review, The New York Times, New York
Why are museums building new wings while laying off workers?
How the Rich Are Hurting the Museums They Fund(lien externe)
By Ben Davis, July 24, 2016
THE recent announcement of a wrenching round of layoffs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has sent a shiver through the museum world. Yet as recently as March, the Met seemed to be on a roll, when it opened a flashy contemporary art annex, the Met Breuer....(lien externe)
Illustration by Alvaro Dominguez, photo by Benny Chan


From Al-Ahram=, Cairo, Egypt
Young Egyptian artist wins South Africa's prestigious art competition(lien externe)
Friday 15 Jul 2016

Photographer Nourhan Maayouf is the first Egyptian to the top prize at the annual Barclays L’Atelier contemporary art competition....(lien externe)

Winning work by Nourhan Maayouf


Fron The Telegraph, London, UK
David Bowie’s other alter ego: the art collector(lien externe)
By Mark Hudson, art critic - Friday 15 Jul 2016

Sotheby’s is to stage an exhibition and sale of the star’s huge and eclectic collection. What does it tell us about him, asks Mark Hudson

Call me obsessive, or simply selfish, but my first thought on hearing of David Bowie’s death in January – after registering plain astonishment – was that I would never get that private tour round the Thin White Duke’s collection of German Expressionist woodcuts. A long-time admirer of these raw, rough-hewn works of art by a group of tortured artists living primarily in Dresden in the early 20th century, I had – eccentric though it might sound – long fantasised about meeting Bowie and bonding with him over our passion for stark, German imagery....(lien externe)

Damien Hirst's Beautiful, shattering, slashing, violent, pinky, hacking, sphincter painting (1995)


From LA Weekly, Los Angeles, California
Boyle Heights Activists Demand That All Art Galleries Get the Hell Out of Their Neighborhood(lien externe)
By Hillel Aron, Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boyle Heights, the neighborhood east of the Arts District, just across the river, was long ago anointed as one of the next big neighborhoods to be gentrified. A group of radical activists has been fighting that tide for a while now, and its members recently have taken aim at what they consider the driving force of gentrification and displacement: art galleries.

"We have one pretty simple demand,"says Maga Miranda, an activist with the group Defend Boyle Heights, "which is for all art galleries in Boyle Heights to leave immediately and for the community to decide what takes their place."...(lien externe)

A mural outside Moctezuma Cafe, now closed


From The Bulletin, Portland, Oregon
Local art galleries participate in 2016 Portland Biennial(lien externe)
By David Jasper, Thursday Jul 14, 2016

Contemporary artists show work in Bend and Madras

Thanks to the 2016 Portland Biennial, Central Oregon will host receptions for contemporary artists from opposite ends of the state Saturday.

The ambitious project places a total of 34 Oregon artists at 25 venues in 13 communities across the state, from Ashland to Astoria, Linfield to La Grande. The participating Central Oregon galleries are Art Adventure Gallery in Madras and The Gallery at Pinckney Center in Bend....(lien externe)

Artist David Bithell of Ashland, with "Passage," his contribution to the 2016 Portland Biennial. A reception for the show will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday in The Gallery at Pinckney Center on the COCC campus in Bend.
Photo: Andy Tullis / The Bulletin


From The New York Times, New York City
Object Lessons: The New Museum Explores Why We Keep Things(lien externe)
By William Hamilton, Thursday Jul 14, 2016

Curators at the New Museum have created an exhibit with over 4,000 objects that examines the various ways we collect and own items.

We live in a sharing economy of collaborative consumption — services, not stuff. Crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer rentals like Airbnb: An interest, exemplified by millennials, in a temporary ownership of goods.

Apps, not objects

What, then, to make of objects? In a culture being redefined by the way it consumes, what to make of people who collect things, who keep things? What to make of the personal archives, the private universes, the physical stabs at permanence and immortality that collectors create?

The Keeper(lien externe),” the New Museum’s summer show, a four-floor exhibit that opens on Wednesday, July 20, is a museum blockbuster of a different kind....(lien externe)

Ydessa Hendeles, a Canadian artist, gathered thousands of photographs of people with their teddy bears for “Partners (The Teddy Bear Project).” Ms. Hendeles’s work is displayed at the New Museum in a two-story setting meant to resemble a library. “I’m keeping other people’s memories,” said Ms. Hendeles, whose parents are Auschwitz survivors.
Credit Robert Keziere, via Ydessa Hendeles and the Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation, Toronto


From The Candy Palmater Show(lien externe), CBC Radio One, Thursday July 14, 2016
In the world of fashion, what's old is often new again.
Historian Jonathan Walford explains what's behind fashion nostalgia
Listen/Download(lien externe)

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Dolce Vita - Italian Elegance Premieres at Montreal’s McCord Museum, by Veronica Redgrave


From Tate Etc. issue 37: Summer 2016
'Despite all my rage, / I'm still just a rat in a cage!'(lien externe)
By Charlie Fox, 7 July 2016

Cages, cells and small rooms – the notion of the contained space has been used to great effect by artists over the centuries, from Edwin Landseer to Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois, as writer Charlie Fox reveals....(lien externe)

Detail from the central panel of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights 1500–5, oil on oak panel. © Museo Nacional del Prado