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Dorotha Kozinska, managing editor of Vie des Arts english edition spent part or her youth in Damas, Syria. Here she remembers some of
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From Paris to Toronto
If you are heading to London this summer, and I know many who are, Brexit or not, you may want to...
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Vie des Arts - Summer Issue - n° 243
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Edmund Alleyn
Edmund Alleyn (1931-2004), like Marc-Aurèle Fortin, was one of those elusive, underappreciated...
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John. A. Schweitzer’s
Artist, collector and curator John A. Schweitzer, LLD, OSA, RCA, has embraced a pluralist...
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The latest offering from the Montreal Museum of Fine arts, an intimate exhibition of the works of...
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John Hall
John Hall’s forty-five year retrospective exhibition Travelling Light at the Kelowna Art Gallery,...
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Adam Lee
In Genesis, according to Hebrew texts, God contracted his infinite luminescence to create the...
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Rebecca Jewell
Rebecca Jewell is currently Artist in Residence in the Oceania Department of the British Museum....
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William Kentridge
Universal Archive is a print suite of over seventy-five linocuts by South Africa’s best-known...
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