The action - not an entirely apt word for this slow-paced movie - takes place in and around Maudie's miniscule house on the Nova Scotia coast, and is almost completely focused on two characters, that of Maud and her husband Everett Lewis, played with heartfelt intensity by British actor Sally Hawkins and American star Ethan Hawke.

The film was filmed in Newfoundland, where a precise replica of Maudie's tiny, unheated one room house was constructed, with all the furnishing and of course the artwork that covered the interior. The original is housed in a Halifax museum, and was the starting point for Walsh's journey into Maud's life.

But what was most poignant to this writer, was not so much the artist's anguished reality - it is believed she suffered from rheumatoid arthritis that slowly crippled her - and her great resilience and indomitable spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity, but rather her relationship with the creative process. It gave her life meaning and provided an outlet; it was an impulse, which sustained her existence.

“As long as I've got a brush in front of me, I'm alright,” she is quoted as saying.

After moving in with the reclusive fish peddler Lewis, Maud slowly begins to transform the house, starting with small drawings on the walls and windowpanes that soon turn into sellable works of art – postcards and paintings – that were to make her famous. Two of her works even made it to Richard Nixon's White House following an article in the Star Weekly and a CBC documentary about the artist.

“ Maudie ”
• Directed by Aisling Walsh
• Written by Sherry White
• Starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke
• Classification PG
• Country Canada-Ireland
• Language English