Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1955, Fontcuberta has had a diverse and multi-faceted career not only as a prolific visual artist, but also a teacher, writer and curator. For over thirty years he has been challenging and defying the medium of photography, which can so easily lead an artist onto a path of least resistance, reducing imagery to simple re-configuration of reality. In Foncuberta's hands, the lens traces a very different path, hovering over subjects from science to religion and art to journalism.

This is the second showing of the Catalan artist's work at Occurrence, grouped under the title Trauma and incorporating his Blow up Blow up, Gastropoda and Trauma series. All play with the idea of deconstruction, obfuscating what is visible in favour of the process. There are no reference points in this production, but if one really needs a hint to the workings of the artist's mind when creating these works, it would be to challenge the technological image, exposing a different kind of truth/reality. The images are corroded, fading, distressed, reaching for something that lies beneath, or without. Gastropoda in particular is a peculiar, endearing offering: images created by snails feasting on printed pictures, invitations cards and such that the artist accumulated over time. The corrosive action of these gastropods transforms the surface, just as time and human activity transforms and degrades our surroundings.

Following the showing at Occurrence, the exhibition moves to VU Photo Centre in Quebec City for a fall 2017 presentation.



Joan Fontcuberta
espace d'art et d'essai contemporains
5455 Gaspe Ave #108
Montreal, QC externe)
26 May to 4 July 2017

VU Photo
523 Saint-Vllier East
Quebec, QC externe)

Photo credits:
Joan Fontcuberta, Trauma