You can see this twentieth century titan’s works on paper, completed between 1905 and 1971. Most are elegantly erotic. Picasso’s inimitable mastery of line is more than evident as he outlines a hip, a breast, a thigh with one eloquent calligraphic gesture. Many of the prints are intimate, portraying playful scenes between lovers. They include the artist’s famous centaur – a not-so-subtle reference to his own lust-full life.
The exhibit presents two of Picasso’s portraits of Ambroise Vollard, the early twentieth century art dealer whom the artist captures in a reflective moment in an aquatint from 1937.
A lino-cut, Le thé: Deux femmes nues et un chat, (1965), shows a lady whose profile recalls faces from Picasso’s powerful Guernica work, created in 1937 as his outcry against the Spanish Civil War. But in this print, executed 30 years later, the sensuality of the female body is all encompassing. Indeed, in this exposition, women are the subject matter of most prints. Created with an exquisite sense of line, their nudity is refined, even when the subject matter is pornographic.
With a quick sureness, Picasso captures a simple moment of intimacy in his beautiful drypoint Couple au bord de l’eau 1925 , in which the lady is clothed – for a change.
Because Alessandro chose works created over such a wide period of time – almost 70 years – one can glimpse Picasso’s different periods. There are moody blues, chunky cubist bodies, and Henry-Moore-style massive shapes, as well as line drawings, and street-art-style gestures. There is a tension between abstract and figurative in this sexy show.
Alessandro is also presenting short films on Picasso showing him working in his studio.

Galerie Yellow Fish
3625 St. Laurent.
Saturday and Sunday.
October 27 and 28th
Noon – 6 p.m. Free.


Alessandro Mangiarotti