The opening of a new gallery is still an event in this city chock full of artists, and an audacious venture considering the constantly fluctuating art market. Antoine Ertaskiran has been in the art business for over 15 years, as a consultant and art dealer, and he is boldly staking his ground with his brand new contemporary art gallery. Located in a renovated metal shop, boasting 23,000 sq. feet of space and 15-foot ceilings, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran opened its doors in September 2012 with a group show of Jeff Depner, Luce Meunier and Jeannie Riddle, (who is also the director of Parisian Laundry) under the title Intersections. It set the tone for future exhibitions, with minimalist, conceptual pieces that punctuated the white walls. With focus on emerging, as well as established contemporary artists, the gallery has 12 in its “stable”, both Canadian and foreign, and there’s a thread of social commentary that weaves through their oeuvre. Such was the case with the recent exhibition by Iranian-born Sayeh Sarfaraz, Mémoire d’éléphant (Memory of an elephant), with echoes of the conflict in the Middle East, or the current exhibition of works by Dominique Blain, Jacynthe Carrier and Michael A. Robinson (on till January 26). This is no longer art for art’s sake, but a metissage of visual expression and personal involvement, as these young artists reshape and reconstitute our perception of the quotidian.
The gallery will present Dominique Blain’s Mindscapes at the upcoming Volta NY 2013 art fair taking place in New York’s Soho district this March.

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

1892, rue Payette
Montréal ,QC
T +1 514 989 7886
F +1 514 989 7645
P +1 514 994 9690

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Intersections (overview)

Dominique Blain, Rug

Sayeh Sarfaraz, Mémoire d’éléphant

Courtesy Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran