Located in NDG, this small establishment echoes the folk-beat days of Greenwich Village, the Mariposa music festival, as well as Montreal’s own Yellow Door atmosphere. With its open mike nights, it is known for featuring new and upcoming musicians, and since opening its doors two years ago, has already become a fixture in the artistic community of the area. Shulman has a particular affinity for music, and the setting also reminds her of the days when it was common for artists to show their works in local cafes. The intimate space is an unusual backdrop to Shulman’s sensuous, irreverent bunnies. Unlike Sophie Ryder’s Lady Hare sculptures, these blue rabbits have taken anthropomorphism to a whole new level, going beyond human features and into human predispositions. Although inspired by, these are not your Beatrix Potter bunnies! Playful, graphic, Shulman’s drawings are done in a fluid, gestural style, infused with colour and bold narrative content. Over 40 works are on display including giclés, etchings, prints and paintings.
For a bit of a back-story on Shulman's bunnies, go to her blog:
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Blues Bunny
April 5 - 30, 2014

Café Mariposa
5434 Cote St-Luc Road
Montreal, QC
514 439-3190

www.facebook.com/CafeMariposa(lien externe)

www.susanshulman.com(lien externe)

Trophy Bunny


Bunny – piano

Susan Shulman–Mariposa