The exhibition, sponsored by Heffel Fine Art Auction House, will showcase Thomson’s oils The Jack Pine and The West Wind, painted during the artist’s last winter. Thomson, who drowned under mysterious circumstances in June 1917, made numerous oil sketches outdoors, and like the rest of the Group of Seven, painted directly from the Canadian landscape.

The two large canvases have been recently restored, bringing them as close as possible to their original appearance. The exhibition also includes the small sketches on which the paintings were based, as well as other sketches made in that final year.

Tom Thomson: The Jack Pine and The West Wind
Masterpiece in Focus

The National Gallery of Canada
380 Sussex Dr.
Ottawa, ON externe)
Until January 4, 2015

Tom Thomson
The Jack Pine, 1916-1917
Oil on canvas
127.9 x 139.8 cm
National Gallery of Canada

Tom Thomson
The West Wind, 1917
Oil on canvas
120.7 x 137.2 cm
Art Gallery of Ontario


In a spate of exciting news, the National Gallery also announced a new donation, a painting by Christopher Pratt (b. 1935). Created in 2013 by the renowned Newfoundland artist, Argentia: The Ruins of Fort McAndrew: After the Cold War, is an important addition to the Gallery’s extensive collection of the artist’s works, now comprising 59 pieces. These include two paintings, two drawings, and 53 prints. The latest addition portrays a site that is familiar to Pratt, the Argentia military base, next to Placentia Bay, on the Southwest coast of the Avalon Peninsula. The fort was built in 1942 as a base for the English, American and Canadian armies during the Second World War. This work is a reminder of the military past of Newfoundland and St. John’s harbour, where several forts, bunkers and an arsenal were built.
The work is on view in Canadian Art gallery A112B.


Christopher Pratt
Argentia: The Ruins of Fort McAndrew: After the Cold War, 2013
Oil on canvas
103 x 203.5 cm
Purchased 2013 through the generous donation of Gisella Giacalone, Margaret L. Marshall, R. Raso, W. J. Wyatt and Scott Campbell
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Photo © National Gallery of Canada