Both shows have now closed, but the two current exhibits are equally as exciting. Black Matter, a group exhibition in the main gallery, features work by artists such as Richard Serra, whose inimitable solid black has a monumentality similar to his sculptures. The 20 works in the show present every shade of black, from Irene Whittome’s encaustics, to David Nash’s impressive inks; from solid pitch-blacks to shades. Artists shown are James Brown, Serge Clément, Mark Francis, John Heward, Jacques Hurtubise, Jannis Kounellis, François-Xavier Marange, Rober Racine, Jean Paul Riopelle, Louise Robert, Sean Scully, Françoise Sullivan, and Antoni Tapiès.

«Black charcoal was used for the horses and bison sketched in the Lascaux caves,» Blais points out, ‘«as it was by Picasso (Guernica) and Goya (Disasters).»

Another room in the spacious gallery features the works of renowned Quebec artists: Guido Molinari (a monochromatic red, the rich colour covering the entire canvas, and a hard edge piece from 1959); Françoise Sullivan (a vibrating orange); Jean Paul Riopelle, Yves Gaucher, Denis Juneau, and Jacques Huet.

A third room showcases Isabelle Guimond, 2014 winner of the Sylvie and Simon Blais Award. As the 6th recipient of the Award, Guimond received $2,000, a show of her work at Galerie Simon Blais, and a brochure about her show, À une déception près de finir ma vie avec 300 chats. Using photographs, Guimond documents scenes from her day-to-day life and environment. «My work consists of a constant back-and-forth between the street and the studio, between capturing an image through photography and then removing it through the act of painting,» she explained. Featuring her neighbourhood in Hochelaga, she presents this disadvantaged area in technicolour tints sometimes punctuated by felines.

Exposition August 2 – September 6, 2014.
Check website for summer hours.

Galerie Simon Blais
5420, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal externe)




Photos courtesy Galerie Simon Blais
Credit: Guy Heureux