Born in Schenectady, New York, and now based in Cleveland, Andy Curlowe is showing for the first time in Canada with an exhibition titled bad land / mauvaises terres / mako sica. His colourful, semi-abstract works are deceptively pleasing to the eye, while carrying a much darker message; one warning of the destructive consequences of human activity on the environment. The tension in his paintings is found in the juxtaposition of industrial and natural elements, and the title is a reference to the historical names of the area of the present Badlands National Park in South Dakota, which has borne the name “bad land” going back hundreds of years in English, French and Lakota. The landscape is real; many of the sites depicted in Curlowe’s works are single-industry mining towns - Liddy, Montana; Centralia, Pennsylvania; and Asbestos, Quebec - chosen by the artist for the dramatic transformation of the surrounding landscape due to human exploitation. In a world struggling under the weight of numerous geo-political issues, it is encouraging to see an artist take a stand. For Curlowe, born in 1984, his work is a reflection on the landscape of both the past and the present.

Andy Curlowe
bad land / mauvaises terres / mako sica
September 4 - 28, 2014


Galerie d’Este
4396, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Tel. : 514 846-1515 externe)
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Mauvaises terres