Large abstract canvases and a series of smaller paintings make up the Magda Suite. Inspired by a visit to the Magdalen Island, these are mainly abstract works infused with light, painted by light it seems. Like tectonic plates, the textured planes of the mixed media compositions overlap and jostle, creating a one-of-a-kind landscape, at once grandiose and intimate. There is a sense of belonging, as if the artist were revisiting a familiar place, but the image stands on its own, the pictorial aspect taking over the emotional component, creating a visual dialogue particular to Couturier’s oeuvre.

The Magda Suite is an ode to nature, a paean to the elements, paintings born of wind and sky, textured by time and sand. Personal experience underlies the series, words appear among the thick layers of paint and collage, names of people and places, notations of the heart. The smaller works feature a house, a real bungalow that becomes a symbol of loss and memory: loss of a friend, memory of childhood. And as with the large canvases, the image shifts from painting to painting, fades and fragments, recedes into the background like a geometric, abstracted form, only to reappear, striated, reconfigured. In this series, Couturier’s Acadian roots shape the visual narrative, the raw energy of the land imbuing every brushstroke.

A Magda Suite

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2 to 18 October and 29 October to 9 November, 2014
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Dominic Couturier

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