This time she is showcasing young artists next to established ones, and the visual dialogue is fascinating: paintings by Moïse Piuze, photograms by Diane Poirier, Claudine Sauvé’s photographs, and digital prints by Pierre Tousignant. Piuze’s encapsulated fleeting street portraits were already profiled in the Summer issue of Vie des Arts; his talent is undeniable and one to follow.

Poirier’s photograms are actually created without the use of a camera, ink drawings done directly on transparencies, resulting in works that verge on art brut in their unexpected spontaneity and expression. Sauvé creates nostalgic images that combine archival photographs with contemporary scenes of nature that merge into poetic narrative that delves into the notion of memory, both personal and collective. But it is the works of Pierre Tousignant that leave a subtle imprint on the viewer long after leaving the gallery. Over the past twelve years, he has dedicated himself to fine art photography and digital printmaking, creating a unique body of work that takes photography into a poetic realm. He calls his latest works Country, and describes them as "... photographs (...) from another country. What is its name, its latitude, its longitude? What road leads to it? A kingdom of stern beauty, wild and improbable. But also, surprisingly, familiar and intimate beauty, in spite of the distance. Who am I then, to recognize this land as mine, to feel the certitude that I have already lived there, that I have walked along these beaches, explored these forests, contemplated these peaks, breathed-in that textured air? Who am I that this country welcomes and recognizes me as one of her children?" Curious? The gallery awaits.

Galerie Luz
372 Ste-Catherine Street West

  1. 418

Montreal, QC
514.908.2880 externe)

1 - 25 October 2014

Diane Poirier
Chamane 3

Moïse Piuze
Lâchons les chiens

Pierre Tousignant

Claudine Sauvé