Located on Sherbrooke’s gallery row, it had been in existence for over 38 years. It was unique; a pioneer in contemporary Canadian glass art. Keeping within a distinct aesthetic, the gallery showcased numerous styles and approaches to the craft, exhibiting both Canadian and International artists. Elena Lee represented some sixty artists, some working strictly in glass, others incorporating metal, wood and found materials: an eclectic and supremely talented group of people, many of whom are now well established in American and European galleries.

Initially exhibiting only glass works, Lee, the gallery curator and owner, has started to include exceptional works in other craft and design related mediums over the past few years. Driven by a passion and dedication for the artists she represented and media that are often considered to be outside of the mainstream art world, Elena Lee also curated exhibitions outside of the gallery.

Glass, whose alchemy had been a guarded secret for centuries, known only to the very few, is one of the most fragile and beautiful of mediums, and in the hands of the contemporary artists who showed at Galerie Elena Lee, it was molded into a plethora of shapes and forms, magnificent sculptures, and stylized vessels. At once beautiful and functional, many of the pieces stood out as unique works of art. This is one gallery that will be greatly missed.

Galerie Elena Lee
1460 Sherbrooke Street W.
Montreal, QC
514 844-6009
www.galerieelenalee.com(lien externe)


Marie-Hélène Beaulieu
Germinal V, 2013

Maryse Chartrand
Force tranquille, 2014

Brad Copping
Paddle Forward

Susan Edgerley
Blossom (detail)

Carole Pilon

Photo credits: Galerie Elena Lee