The other good reason to keep checking its diverse exhibitions, is the fact, that many of today’s well-known artists name Concordia as their Alma Mater: Daniel Barkley, Sophie Jodoin, Marc Seguin... the list is long. And if you missed the latest batch of shows, there’s still time, especially if you make it to the so-called finissage. As opposed to vernissage, the closing of an exhibition can be just as exciting. Three shows are wrapping up this week, and the date to mark is Thursday, February 19th. Artist Félipe Goulet Letarte, a graduate of Painting and Drawing programme with a minor in Philosophy, exhibiting Political Poem: I watch the News, will do a special performance to complete his elaborate installation. Sara A. Tremblay, who holds an MFA in Photography, will flip endlessly through a pile of 88 images, which, as part of her exhibition 88 Days in Själsö, are currently displayed on a table in the main space of the gallery. Philippe Caron Lefebvre, currently in Concordia’s MFA Sculpture concentration programme, examines the concept of evolution as seen in nature, with a touch of science fiction, in his installation Fathomless. A curious mix of sculpture, drawing and video, it also features ceramic and glaze mirror, polyurethane foam and origami. Yep. Not to be missed...

Closing performances:
February 19, 2015
4 - 6 pm

Galerie FOFA Gallery
1515 Ste-Catherine Street West, EV 1.715
Montréal (Métro Guy-Concordia)
514.848.2424 ext. 7962
info.fofagallery à

From left to right:
Philippe Caron Lefebvre (Fathomless), Sara A.Tremblay (88 Days in Själsö), Félipe Goulet Letarte (Political Poem: I Watch the News)

Photo credit: Guy L’Heureux