To begin with, this is probably one of the most demanding artistic techniques, in addition to being one of the most ancient.

For a young artist to decide to dedicate his production to this medium is a sign of both audacity and love of painting.

Known also as hot wax painting, encaustic employs the use of heated beeswax mixed with pigments, applied in liquid form, or paste, to canvas or wood. The workshop of an artist working in this medium is truly magical, more a place of alchemy than art, with heat, light and mist creating a one-of-a-kind environment.

Originating from the Greek 'enkaustikos', meaning to burn, encaustic painting was used in ancient Egypt, and has survived to present day in works by such known artists as Jasper Johns, Tony Sherman and James Ensor.

Masino paints memory and vision, objects and sensations, stylized landscapes and fruit, all incorporated into fluid compositions, at once ancient and contemporary.
Beginning with small format, textured still lifes, he is now producing works on a larger, and more complex scale.

Not only are they larger in size, they have also at times taken the shape of altar-like triptychs that hark at medieval paintings, while other works have been gilded with gold leaf for added visual effect.

Opulent, at time almost three-dimensional, Masino's recent pieces are a great example of a medium taken to a new level.

A daring, somewhat uneven production but without experimentation, there is no progress, and that is particularly true in art.

On his website Masino writes extensively about the medium of encaustic, and his profound understanding of its demands and history are admirable.

This engagement in the technique is an intrinsic aspect of his work, dictating to a large degree the final unveiling. Material and vision combined in a unique symbiosis that is the creative process.

Galerie de Bellefeuille(lien externe)
1367 Avenue Greene
May 21 - 31, 2016


Alexandre Masino
La porte du jadis
Encaustic on panel, 2010
58,4 cm x 80 cm

Alexandre Masino
L'origine d'un souffle (Ehon)
Encaustic and gold leaf on book on panel, 2015
36.2 cm x 57,8 cm

Alexandre Masino
La dérive des siècles
Encaustic, gold leaf and copper leaf on panel, 2016
43.2 cm x 72.4 cm

Alexandre Masino
Les mémoires d'or
Encaustic and gold leaf on panel, 2016
134.6 cm x 94 cm

Alexandre Masino in his atelier
Alexandre Masino website(lien externe)