Sylvia Ziemann
“Accidental Utopia”

In the past decade, Sylvia Ziemann has unflinchingly researched issues around violence and disaster that are overwhelming at both personal and global levels. To engage with this material, she changes the scale of a situation, often building miniatures and puppets, and creates work using narrative and an often dark humour. The exhibition “Accidental Utopia” brings us [...]

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Ruth Cuthand
A Short Discussion on Trading

There must be a word for when an artist’s work combines materials and meaning perfectly; how else to describe Ruth Cuthand’s Trading series? Her mixed-media images use beadwork to portray enlargements from microscope images of diseases in twelve circles of dramatic colour and pattern. Identified by a name stencilled beneath each, the portrait gallery of [...]

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“Axenet’i Tth’ al”—Northern Way of Coming Together

Entering the installation Axenet’i Tth’ al takes us from the well-lit Wanuskewin Galleries into the darkness of a forest at night, with birdsong and a smoky pine smell from real trees and moss. As our eyes adjust, we can see a labyrinth of trees awaits exploration. We must walk through carefully though, as [...]

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Exposes Emotional Truth

Curated by Carmen Robertson, writer and scholar of art history and indigenous people, Anxieties is a mix of sculpture, painting and photography by established and emerging contemporary Saskatchewan artists from both indigenous and settler backgrounds: Lionel Peyachew, Kevin McKenzie, Audrey Dreaver, Sylvia Ziemann and Sarah Ferguson. Anxiety is certainly a timely theme for discussion in these unsettled days [...]

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Saskatchewan Prairie Light Photography Festival

Thinking on the exhibitions this fall and winter in Saskatchewan, two things seem clear: the photograph has permeated our culture, and the photograph is no longer a more-or-less recognizable image on a square of white paper. Since 1825, when French photographic pioneer Joseph Niepce exposed and fixed the first heliograph, we [...]

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7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.

A rare chance to see the formative work of a generation, this spectacular exhibition entitled 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. focuses on the decade during which First Nations master artists Daphne Odjig, Alex Janvier, Norval Morrisseau, Joseph Sanchez, Jackson Beardy, Eddy Cobiness, and Carl Ray worked collectively to gain acceptance within the canon [...]

- 2 mins read
Tim Moore. Hybrid

Bright “Hunter-safety” orange, primer white and fur visually unite the work in Hybrid, an exhibition of sculptural assemblage and collage created by emerging artist Tim Moore out of everyday objects gathered in Northern Saskatchewan: excess materials from construction sites, deer hide and bones, small appliances, discarded toys, magazines, even the UPC stickers from grocery store [...]

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Edward Poitras - 13 Coyotes

Over the past three decades, Edward Poitras has articulated his generation’s Diaspora as First Nations people in Western Canada. He was the recipient of the 2002 Governor General’s Award in Media and Visual Arts, and representative for Canada at the Venice Biennale in 1995. His recent work discusses the impact [...]

- 4 mins read
Jeff Nye - The Fire and the Flood

Spring flooding and forest-fires ravaged Western Canada this year, uncanny timing for the Art Gallery of Regina’s presentation of Jeff Nye: The Fire and the Flood. Entering the darkened gallery, the installation cycle begins with sound, abruptly, like a clearing throat, “9… 19...1974…” Stories begin in phrases. Bursts of light synchronize with the [...]

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