Regular Columns

Vie des arts is always looking for exhibition critiques, artist profiles, and news that highlight contemporary issues presently shaping the art world. Submissions should be short and include the subject, the artist(s) and the body of works you want to cover.

Submissions for regular columns must be done following the annual calendar:

  • Spring issue: before the end of December (publication date: April)
  • Summer issue: before the end of March (publication date: July)
  • Autumn issue: before the end of June (publication date: October)
  • Winter issie: before the end of September (publication date: January)

Submissions must include a proposal (350 words), three excerpts of texts (published or unpublished), and a short biography (40 words). They should be sent to the editor-in-chief at

Thematic Section

Stay tuned for our theme related call for submissions for the thematic section. Details can be found here and we also promote the calls on the home page.